CURIS registration

Registration in CURIS

University of Copenhagen Researcher Services offers guidance in the use of CURIS and how as a researcher one can document one's research and research activities. 

What is CURIS?

CURIS is a database of publications published by researchers employed at the University of Copenhagen. CURIS is also used to register activities and to produce a CV. Publications, activities and CV's registered in CURIS are used to form a researcher's web profile available through the Research Database

All employees have to ensure that their publications are registered in CURIS. If in doubt about what to do, you can contact your faculty or department contact-person via the link below.

External publications:

If a researcher wishes, publications authored in connection with employment at another university, can be listed in their publication list. These publications must be registered as "external publications" in CURIS.  

These publications must be registered carefully and not as internal UCPH publications, as they will then be wrongly counted as UCPH publications. Registration of external publications can be done both manually or by import from other sources. See a guide here.


It is possible to transfer publications automatically from CURIS to ORCID. See a guide here.

Visit the Research Portal for more information.