Frequently Asked Questions - International Employees and Ph.D Students 

Q: Can I have printed materials delivered to my institute?
A: Yes, but you need to register in a special way. Choose "University of Copenhagen: remote access and delivery of printed material to the institute" on the registration page. You can fill out an electronic form and receive a 6-digit library code immediately. You can also apply for  expanded borrowing privileges which allows you to have reading room materials delivered to your institute as well. Your institute leader needs to approve your application. Both of these options let you borrow items for a 1-year period unless they are recalled. Please note that delivery times can be extended by up to a week by choosing these options.

Q: There's a book I need in a hurry? Can I pick it up at the library instead of having it delivered?
A: Yes, but you need to activate your Health Insurance Card or University ID as your library card. This can be done by the library staff. If you want to reserve books and pick them up yourself you should register as a Private Borrower.

Q: I'm not employed at the University of Copenhagen. Can I have books delivered to my job?
A: Yes, if your company has an agreement with the library. Please register as an "Employee - Other Companies and Institutions". If you are employed by a hospital in the Copenhagen Region pleas register as "Employee - Hospital". If your company doesn't have an agreement, please register as a "Private User", you will need to pick up the books yourself. 

Q: How do I acquire remote access to your electronic resources?
A: We receive your employment data directly from the University of Copenhagen and your remote access is associated with your CPR number.  Your access should be activated within 24 hours after registering as a library user. Use your library number (6-digit or CPR number) and PIN-code to log on. If you experience a problem with your remote access, please send an email to (remember to include your library number)

Q: Can I use any of the libraries?
A: Yes, you are welcome to use all of our libraries, not just your institute or faculty library.