Acquisition Policy

The acquisition policy of Copenhagen University Library is based on two basic elements: 

  • To optimize access to the materials
    When possible we choose electronic materials to printed matter. In this way access will be independent of time and place: more people can get access at the same time no matter where they may be

  • To improve the relevance of the acquisitions
    Acquisitions of materials for the University Library are user-driven meaning that they are based on the users’ suggestions or behaviour. This ensures that students, tutors and researchers with University of Copenhagen get access to the materials they need as soon as possible and with a view to the most cost-effective solutions.


The university library’s user surveys show great satisfaction with the new form of access to materials. Add to this that the change has given financial efficiency savings too.

In other words, this is acquisition of literature for the library just in time instead of just in case. We avoid spending money on unnecessary materials. Optimization of processes and systems have allowed streamlining of the use of manpower for acquisitions.

The most important is to get access to the wanted materials. Whether this happens permanently by purchases or temporarily by loans or licenses is determined by an estimate based on economy and presumed use.


Demand and user driven acquisition of literature happens based on:

  • concrete suggestions for acquisitions given by users affiliated with University of Copenhagen on a special form for book suggestions

  • the behaviour displayed by the users when they use titles that form part of the EBA agreements (Evidence Based Acquisition) the university library has made with some big publishers. Through these agreements the libraries get access to big packages in return for purchases of the most used resources

  • the behaviour displayed by the users when they use titles that form part of the PDA agreements (Patron Driven Acquisition) the university library has made with supplies that accumulate releases of minor publishers. By use an acquisition is automatically released based on certain principles agreed between the library and the supplier

  • the syllabus literature the lecturers want us to acquire. The special eMAX arrangement which has been agreed between the library and some faculties ensures that the syllabus literature to the extent possible will be acquired as e-books