Copenhagen University Library aims at setting an adequate organizational framework for the library’s development for the coming decades and for ensuring the optimal utilization of all the resources that we allocate to service University of Copenhagen’s library and information needs, both as to the university’s researchers, lecturers and students, and as to the societal obligations of University of Copenhagen and Royal Danish Library in general.

The university library’s core tasks are basically built around classic library competences but have concurrently with the university’s strategic initiatives assumed new aims like focus on digital build-up of students, research supported instruction, Data Stewards and DataLab formation. Open Science’s change of research culture et cetera increases the demand for new applications of resources and competences from the university library and increases the need for recognition and embedment in the university so that the potential of the university library will be utilized at optimum level for the benefit of the university.

University of Copenhagen and Royal Danish Library/Copenhagen University Library wish to focus jointly at having and keeping the University Library as a strategically visionary and internationally strong university library.

Over the last decade the university library has gone through a digital transformation as to both the underlying processes and as to services for the users. The university library is developing in a direct interaction with strategic agendas of the university and a sustainable economy.

Dialogue, sparring and benchmarking with international partners through the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU), The League of European Research Universities (LERU), and The European University Association (4EU) together with user surveys every two years, embedment in relevant university frameworks, and annual dialogues on strategy and direction ensure that the university library constantly seeks relevance and ambitious quality levels for the university’s management, researchers, and students. For instance, on central parameters the university library rides high in benchmarking with the university libraries in IARU.