How do I print?

You can print on all printers from your own computer with KUwebprint

  • Go to https://webprint.ku.dk
  • Choose English
  • Login with your KU username and password
  • Click Webprint
  • Click Submit a job
  • Select a printer ...\KU_Global_Printer....
    • Choose between A4 and A3
      • Color Duplex – color printet on both sides
      • Color simplex – Color printet on one side
      • Monochrome – black and white
  • Click Print Options and account selection
  • Click Upload your Documents
  • Upload and Complete

When you are at a KUprinter, log on by swiping your student card. You can either choose Print or Print release to print all documents or individual documents respectively.

REMEMBER to log off after use

Please note that you must have money in your Print account in order to print.

How do I pay for print and copy?

All students at KU automatically have a print account. To print or copy you must have money in your account.
At https://print.ku.dk you can put money into your account with a credit card

Black and white: single page DKK 0.30 / double page DKK 0.54
Color: single page 0.40 DKK / double page DKK 0.74

Where to find a KUprinter:

Frederiksberg Campus
Thorvaldsensvej 40, lokale 70.0.D029
Dyrlægevej 10, Biblioteket
Rolighedsvej 23, 21.1.S215, 21.3.A401, 21.3.P402
Tåstrup Campus
Højbakkegård Allé 13, 8.61.19e
Nødebovej 77A, 32.0.04

Nørre Campus
UP4 30.3.329, UP1 2.0.02
UP5 7.1.G01, UP13 1.1.190
Nørre Allé 51, 1.2.S206
Ole Maaløesvej 3, 1.2.21, 4.0.27A
City Campus
Østervoldgade 10
3.01.353,4.3.429, 6.0.670