Lockers and Dictaphones

For how long can I borrow a locker?

At the library in Gothersgade and at CSS Study Library you can borrow lockers for 2 months.

In Gothersgade you can borrow a locker for 6 months, if you are working at your master thesis.

In total we have 191 lockers at Gothersgade and 95 lockers at CSS Study Library.

Who can borrow a locker?

All students at the University of Copenhagen can borrow a locker at the library in Gothersgade.

How do I borrow a locker?

Contact the staff at either Gothersgade or at CSS Study Library. If there are any available lockers, you can get the key to the locker immediately.

If there are no available lockers, the staff is reserving a locker for you.

Please notice:

The library accepts no responsibility for the items in the lockers.

The library charges a fee of DKK 350.00, if you do not return your key.


Are you a student at The Faculty of Social Sciences and need a Dictaphone to record interviews, you can borrow Dictaphones at the library in Gothersgade.