Curriculum books

At the Faculty Library of Social Sciences in Gothersgade 140 you find your curriculum books.

You can copy from the books or you can use them between classes.

We provide one copy of each book.

Please remember to borrow the books, if you would like to bring them with you.

You can borrow the books for one day.

How to find the books?

Search for the book in REX. In REX look out for the course name next to shelf number:

For instance:

Pol., Radicalism (KUB 2012-16189)

At Gothersgade the collection of curriculum books are at the floor level behind the Information desk.

Some of the curriculum books are also available for 1 month loan. Use the shelf numbers to find these copies in the book collection in the basement or order the books in REX.

If the book is not in the collections of curriculum books?

More studies and courses are using the same books. For that reason, look the book up in REX to find the course name.

Or the book is available as e-book. You have access through REX.

Copy rules

You must copy 20% of a book as maximum and never more than 50 pages.